POP3Filter Quick Start Guide

Although POP3Filter may take a little longer to install and setup when compared to other spam filters, the small amount of up front effort pays off once the program has been sufficiently trained.

Easy steps to getting started with POP3Filter:









Download and Install POP3Filter:

If you haven't already done so, click on the Download link to download the latest version of POP3Filter. Once you have finished downloading it, you need to start the installation wizard by double clicking on the POP3FILTER.EXE file. If you can't remember where you downloaded it to, you may need to click Start->Search or Start->Find->Files or Folders, depending on which version of Windows you are using.

Once you have started the POP3Filter installation wizard, you can just follow the prompts and then proceed to the next step.





Configure email clients with the Mail Client Configuration Wizard:

Once you have installed POP3Filter, it will normally be started for you automatically. Since this is the first time that you have used POP3Filter, it will prompt you to run the Mail Client Configuration Wizard. Simply follow the prompts to configure your mail client to access your mail server through POP3Filter.

If your mail client isn't supported by the Mail Client Configuration Wizard, you can manually configure your client - instructions are available from the first page of the Mail Client Configuration Wizard.

If at any time you want to add or remove accounts to the list of those which are filtered by POP3Filter, you can manually launch the Mail Client Configuration from the File menu of the main POP3Filter screen.





Check for emails as normal:

Once you have installed POP3Filter and configured your email client(s) to download your emails through POP3Filter, you can go back to checking for emails as normal. Once fully trained, POP3Filter will pass through good emails, but block any emails that it thinks is or may be spam.

Initally POP3Filter has little knowledge of what constitutes spam and what isn't, so you need to move onto the next step and train it with your emails as you receive them.





Train POP3Filter when required:

Until you have trained POP3Filter, it won't know what is and isn't spam, so you need to tell it! Whenever POP3Filter receives an email that it isn't sure about, it will flash the tray icon at the bottom right of your screen. Simply click on the flashing icon once to bring up the main POP3Filter screen.

Click on the Review Unsure button to view a list of emails that POP3Filter needs you to classify manually. Double click on the first message in the list to view details of the message. Depending on whether you think that the email is either spam, or not spam, click the appropriate button towards the top right. Click Next to view the next email, or Close to return to the list of emails. Once you have finished classifying messages, click OK or Cancel to return to the main POP3Filter screen.

Click on the Review Prob Spam button to view a list of emails that POP3Filter thinks are probably spam, but wants you to check to ensure that you don't miss out on an important email. The procedure here is the same as when reviewing unsure messages, except that you only need to classify messages that are not spam - once you are happy that there are no remaining good messages marked as probable spam, you can just click the OK button to have POP3Filter automatically reclassify the remaining messages as spam. If you don't have time to finish reviewing the list of messages, you can click on the Cancel button to close this screen without marking all remaining messages as spam.

Whilst POP3Filter is still learning, it is a good idea to check that it hasn't inadvertantly marked a good email as spam. For the first couple of weeks of training, it is recommended that you click on the Review Spam button about once per day to check for incorrectly classified messages. If POP3Filter does make an error and you don't correct it, it may reinforce the error and cause more errors in the future. After a couple of weeks of training, if POP3Filter isn't making any errors, you may wish to only check for false positives less often. If a message is incorrectly classified, it will usually appear towards the top of the list as the messages are sorted in order with the emails that POP3Filter most thinks is spam listed at the bottom. When you have finished reviewing spam messages, click the OK button to return to the main POP3Filter screen. By clicking the OK button, POP3Filter remembers when you last reviewed your list of spam messages and only shows you spam messages from that time on when you next check through your spam. If you don't have time to finish reviewing the spam messages, click the Cancel button so that you can go back to reviewing the list again later.


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